Microsoft Azure is now Free for Students!

Yep, you read that right. Students now have access to the latest and greatest cloud development tools with Microsoft Azure for student developers through their Microsoft DreamSpark subscription.

Sounds great, Gavin, but what’s a DreamSpark?

For those poor students that may not know what DreamSpark is, proceed to wall ow in your shame for at least 30 seconds before reading the rest of this post.

Done? Great. You’re forgiven, now we can move on.

DreamSpark is a program for students that grant them access to the latest Microsoft development tools. If you want to be a pro, you have to use what the pros use. DreamSpark provides students with just that. From Visual Studio to Windows Server, DreamSpark offers a playground of technical goodness at the tips of your fingers.

So Azure is now being offered in DreamSpark?

Yes! Students now have access to Azure App Service Web Apps, which allow developers to build, scale, and deploy their web apps in a heartbeat. Another feature available to students is Application Insightsa feature that gives developers a means to monitor the availability and performance of their apps.

So will I have to be working with Microsoft-promoted languages to take advantage of this?

Not at all. Azure supports plenty of languages. Students can code using ASP.Net, Python, Java, Node.js, or PHP for their web apps.

Cool! Where do I start?

Head over to the Microsoft Azure for DreamSpark page to get registered.

Need some training? Get access to thousands of hours of free technical training content at Microsoft Virtual Academy!

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